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At Warren Claughton & Associates Caroline Springs, we proudly offer a diverse range of psychological services catering to both English and Spanish speakers. We understand that taking the step to seek therapy is a significant decision, and finding a therapist who speaks your language adds an extra layer of comfort. Our dedicated team strives to create a secure and professional environment, fostering healing and growth.

Since 1991, our seasoned experts have been delivering specialized psychology services to individuals, couples, families, children, and teenagers. Confidentiality is our top priority, ensuring privacy from the moment you reach out to us. Within our safe and supportive atmosphere, we collaborate with our clients to proactively manage their mental health and instigate positive life changes.

Key areas of psychological services we offer are:


Are you frequently grappling with overwhelming emotions, making it challenging to navigate daily life? If persistent feelings of worry, helplessness, or restlessness are affecting you, it could be indicative of anxiety. Some individuals may experience extreme fatigue, while others may face difficulties initiating or completing tasks. If you’re encountering these symptoms, seeking assistance to effectively manage your anxiety could prove beneficial. Discover support for anxiety in Caroline Springs and regain control over your emotional well-being.


Despite being common, depression can be a challenging illness that frequently makes people feel alone and misunderstood. It might coexist with other problems including anxiety and stress, making management difficult. At Warren Claughton & Associates, we work hard to establish a kind and encouraging environment where we can work together to directly address these emotions.


While depression is a widespread condition, it remains a formidable challenge that often leaves individuals feeling isolated and misunderstood. It may accompany other issues such as anxiety and stress, complicating effective management. At Warren Claughton & Associates, we are dedicated to creating a compassionate and supportive environment where we collaboratively address these emotions directly.

Work Cover Counselling

Are you contending with emotional and psychological challenges stemming from a work-related injury or illness? Your quest for empathetic and expert assistance concludes here. As a committed psychologist specializing in work cover cases, I bring a profound comprehension of the distinctive and complex nature of these circumstances. I provide a secure and non-judgmental space where we can explore your emotions, fears, and frustrations.

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No matter how you are feeling, it is important to know that you are not alone. At Warren Claughton we are here to listen and to help guide you through your journey of gaining control of your emotions.

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